You can see our past projects on this page. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Xstrata Coal, Tahmoor

2 x 250kL above ground, steel-roofed tanks

Prince Alfred Park, Chippendale

1 x Large in ground tank

Athletic Oval, North Epping

1 x Large, 1 x Small in ground tanks

Waverley Council, Bondi Beach

1 x 300kL in ground tank, 3 meters below sand – 40kPa roof

AJ Bush Pty Ltd, Riverstone

2 x 109kL above ground, concrete-roofed tanks

Phillip Bay

1 x 205kL in ground, concrete-roofed tank – 20kPa roof

Waldock Constructions, Berowra Waters

1 x 109kL above ground, concrete-roofed tank

Windsor Council, Bligh Park South Windsor

3 x 109kL, 3x 300kL in and above ground tanks