Site Preparation

Site Preparation

In order for Onsite Tanks to provide you with a quality, long lasting, trouble-free concrete tank it is the purchaser’s or the prime contractor’s responsibility to provide the following:

Access for heavy vehicles

  • A suitable all weather, safe, capable driveway/road access
  • Ensuring all underground pipes and services along with pavement can withstand a heavy load weighing up to 25+ tonnes.
  • We will take all care whilst manoeuvring on the property but we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by these vehicles to hidden or not visible structures or services.
  • Please also be aware that we require sufficient room for our crane truck and the concrete mixer truck.

Site Requirements

  • A fully prepared site ready for our construction crew to commence work as soon as they arrive. This includes all civil and site works to be completed before job commencement. 
  • We strongly recommend the owner or civil works contractor to consult with our construction manager with regards to the site preparation works before starting, this is to ensure compaction, levelling, and access all meet our requirements. In this way, onsite tanks can provide you with a fully guaranteed and on time, quality concrete tank.
  • The tank site must be on the natural ground with no fill materials.
  • The base should have a minimum uniform layer of 75mm suitably compacted road base or crusher dust laid approximately 1m beyond the outside diameter of the tank.
  • It must be uniform and level (the use of a laser level or a similar device is recommended).
  • Our construction team require at least 1m clear space around the proposed tank location.
  • If the tank is to be placed in-ground, the excavation must comply with relevant work cover rules and regulations such as temporary fencing and benching of the excavation.

Site Preparation Contractors

Whilst it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a suitably prepared site; we can if required recommend several civil contractors whom we have previously used and are capable of providing suitable quality work.


All fittings suitable to the customers or plumbers requirements are cast into the concrete tank.